Tier 5 visa sponsorship for UK employers offering work experience to EEA & Non-EEA Nationals

Employer obligations

For each intern that is sponsored under the Tier 5 Intern scheme, the Employer will be required to provide the following documentation:

On requesting a Certificate of Sponsorship

  • A completed CoS Request Form
  • A scanned copy of the pages from the intern’s passport which include their photo, name & any other biometric data
  • A scanned copy of the intern’s degree certificate, or most recent exam transcripts, as evidence of their degree level studies (translated into English, if necessary)
  • A copy of the intern’s contract or internship agreement with the UK Employer

On arrival to start work in the UK

  • Certified copies of the Intern’s passport including the front cover, biometric and details page(s) and the visa
  • Complete UK Contact Details for the intern

During the internship

  • Copies of the intern’s payslips to evidence that their role is salaried and meeting National Minimum Wage legislation
  • Updated copies of the intern’s UK Contact Details form if the intern’s contact details change during their internship

At the end of the internship

  • Confirmation of the intern’s last date of employment and details of their onward travel booking
  • Copies of the intern’s P45

In addition, the Employer will be expected to have policies and procedures in place to enable them to contact us in the event of any of the following situations (See Schedule 2 of the Terms & Conditions for full details)

  • If the intern does not arrive to start work at the expected time
  • If there is any significant changes in the intern’s circumstances such as changes in remuneration, job role, or work location (Reference the Certificate of Sponsorship details)
  • If the intern is absent from work without approval or prior agreement for 10 days, or more.
  • If you have any reason to believe that the intern is in breach of the conditions of their Leave (from the UK Border Agency)
  • If you have any reason to believe that the intern is engaged in terrorism or criminal activity
  • If you have any reason to suspect that the intern does not intend to exit the UK on expiry of his Leave in the UK
  • If you have any reason to believe that the intern has not left the UK upon expiry of their visa.